Ben Johnson | The Warehouse
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Ben Johnson

To me, the Warehouse is a place where I am able to seek God alongside other people my age. Because I was very shy when I was younger, I had a hard time fitting into my church’s youth group. Most of the people there went to the same schools and I knew no one, so I didn’t enjoy being there. My older brothers and sister were going to the Warehouse at that time, but I thought I was too young to go. There was a point in time where I stopped going to church altogether because I disliked being there so much. I went to the Ramp in Hamilton, Alabama for the first time in 2013 and saw God in a way I never had before. The experience I had there pushed me to keep searching for God. On that trip, I became friends with a guy who told me I should go to the Warehouse. When I went to the Warehouse, for the first time, I saw that I would be able to seek God how I wanted and do it alongside friends. Ever since I started going to the Warehouse, I have learned so much about God and friendship. I have made many friends and it is an awesome experience worshipping with them on Saturday nights. Going to the Brotherhood on Thursday nights has pushed me to be more open with people about my life and struggles. To me, the Warehouse is the place where I was able to break out of my shell and seek God to the fullest.