Cassie Melosci | The Warehouse
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Cassie Melosci

I was born and raised in the Northeast, where religion is not a popular topic of conversation much less a popular way of life. I had never been a regular church goer, I didn’t own a Bible, I never talked to or about God. I moved to Georgia in 2008 and found myself literally in the middle of the Bible belt. In the Northeast there is hardly any variety when it comes to churches. The two religions I had ever encountered were Catholic and Jewish. That’s it. So when I found myself in Cumming, Georgia, I was overwhelmed by the mass amounts of churches and the numerous different denominations. I had been baptized Catholic and had gone through my first communion, but other than that, I had never even considered having an actual relationship with God. He had always been some looming character that seemed unrealistic and untouchable. When I first began making friends in Georgia, they would invite me to church or want to talk about the bible…all of this overwhelmed me and turned me away from the church. It was too much, too soon, and I found myself just shutting down completely. Whenever the topic of God or religion was brought up, I immediately left the conversation. I found myself looking to science and logic to try and form a basis for a belief system. The idea of God seemed too “out there” for me. I wanted tangible proof that God existed..and I couldn’t find it…until I went the Warehouse. I had friends who attended the Warehouse services and Bible studies and they always invited me, but I was still too skeptical, still too hung up on my previous bad experiences with religion. But one of my friends managed to get me to go into worship one night and I was blown away. People singing, dancing, jumping, shouting praise. This was not the God I had grown up with, this was a God you could talk to, He listens, He loves. I was so stunned and so in awe. I cried the entire time, just completely blown away by everything. I looked around at the people, who would soon become good friends, and I aspired to have a faith like theirs. I saw the relationships they all had with God and I wanted that. I wanted to know this God that they all loved and trusted so fearlessly. The Warehouse introduced me to a form of worship that filled me up. There was such a strong presence in that auditorium, there was no way you couldn’t acknowledge that something was going on there. There was a happiness and joy that filled everyone as we danced around and sang out to God. I soon learned that was the Holy Spirit. I still had my doubts, and I still struggle with it, but when I go into the Warehouse and I talk to the “regulars” or Scott and Cindy, I know that no amount of logic could ever explain everything in this world. The Warehouse and the people I’ve met there, people who have become a huge part of my life, have taught me how to trust God and truly have Faith. That is something I could never find anywhere else I looked. The Warehouse has changed my life for the better. I am a stronger Christian than I ever thought possible, and I know that it’s only the beginning. The Warehouse has shown me the true power and love of God. I tell everyone I meet that they should go to the Warehouse with the hope that their lives will be changed in the most amazing way like mine was. The Warehouse brought me to God. And that is so incredible to me, because I was so far away from Him. I appreciate all the Warehouse has done for me. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am for the worship and service that goes on at the Warehouse.