Maggie Garred | The Warehouse
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Maggie Garred

I first came to the Warehouse to work in the coffee shop. I had no immediate intention of becoming a part of the ministry because I was already a part of another local ministry. However, about a year into my employment, God began pulling on my heart to attend the Warehouse services. I obeyed His prodding and ever since, my spiritual life has deepened to new levels. At the time that I began to take part in the ministry, I was also just beginning to learn about some of the places God had gifted me. I was just beginning to scratch the surface of gifts like teaching, hearing God’s voice through visions, and in understanding His Word. The Warehouse became much more than a ministry to attend, it became a community and an outlet. The Warehouse gave me a place to feel Loved, to become Inspired, to feel Fulfilled, and to become Empowered, just as their purpose is stated (L.I.F.E). I was given confirmation of the gifts God had given me as well as a place to use them. I was given opportunities to teach, share visions, and to share what God had taught me in His Word. More importantly, I was placed into a ministry with incredibly strong leaders. Scott and Cindy mentored me through hardship and always supported me. They never stopped encouraging me to use what God gave me. Their love and support streams into the lives of everyone who calls the Warehouse their home. Once you become a part of this ministry, you love people better and encourage people more often. I realized that for myself when I began to meet other young people in this ministry. They were all following the example of Scott and Cindy by loving me well and encouraging me to dive deeper with Jesus. The Warehouse is a community unlike any other and I cannot thank God enough for placing me in this family.