Morgan Clough | The Warehouse
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Morgan Clough

The Warehouse Ministry has had a vast impact on my walk with The Lord. The Warehouse brought me from a place of mediocrity and apathy into a place of passion and fire. When I first began attending The Warehouse, I was consumed in fear, anger, rebellion, and depression. The loving environment I stumbled upon, became the cushion for my soul, where I could rest in the arms of The Father and receive healing and restoration. Over the next 2 years, a transformation in me occurred. I am now no longer bound by my transgressions and sins, but the grace of The Lord doesn’t end there for me. My freedom has gone beyond simply a healing process, and it has become a taking up of arms. I have become aware of a fight I didn’t know existed. Turmoil with the enemy had consumed my life and hurt me deeply due to the bondage I was in. Now I am able to see that I was made to carry the light of healing and restoration to others, and to passionately fight for them on their behalf. I am now aware of the call to minister to the brokenhearted through the Holy Spirit. I have been awakened from my slumber by the Spirit of the Lord and His people at the Warehouse Ministry. Through The Lord’s healing, I have found freedom; a fire that I hope to carry into the darkness for the rest of my days.