Sarah Beckwith | The Warehouse
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Sarah Beckwith

God has used The Warehouse to change my life in so many ways. Summer of 2010, I was broken and defeated. After 3 years of struggling with an eating disorder that completely controlled my life, I had given up hope. I knew God was real, but the thought that He actually cared about me was unfathomable. I knew Him in my head but had never experienced Him in my heart. But during a worship service at The Warehouse, I had an encounter with Jesus that transformed my mind, my heart, and my life. He took my anorexia, my depression, my fear, and replaced it with Him. I am so full of joy…so full of passion to know Him better and see others come to know Him. That night at The Warehouse was just the beginning of my testimony. Every day I learn more about who He is and how He sees me. I want Him to use me to encourage others. I want to be His hands and feet and bring His love everywhere I go. I finally found what I was searching for all those years, when I tried to fill myself up with things of this world. Jesus gave me this life, and He is my life. I don’t need anything else but Him to satisfy me. I am a new creation, and I can’t thank the people at The Warehouse enough for the impact they have had. God is using this ministry to transform lives and I can’t wait to see all that He has in store for us.