Thomas Bentley | The Warehouse
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Thomas Bentley

The Warehouse has been such a tremendous blessing to me in so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin. When I started attending the Warehouse, I immediately felt at home. I wasn’t very active in church, although I grew up jumping around different churches. I had a pretty basic understanding of who Christ was, yet I had not really found a place where I could learn more about Him. I began to get plugged in with Bible studies and the guy’s ministry, Brotherhood, which aided me in my walk with Christ and continuously encouraged me to grow closer to Jesus. One profound lesson I have learned from my time spent at The Warehouse, is the importance of serving others and learning how to love others even when my flesh is failing. Because of all of the people that urged me to press into God, a fire has been lit that I needed in order to burn for God. This fire drove me to find my passions and utilize them to glorify God.