About Us...

Giving Young People Opportunity

Mentoring, Equipping, sending Since 2004

The Warehouse Ministry started in an old warehouse off McFarland Road in Alpharetta, GA with about 6 kids, an old hand-me-down sound system, thrift store furniture and 2 wall-mount air conditioners that blew ice instead of cold air!  

Founders Scott and Cindy LeFevre, had a strong vision and calling to give youth and young adults a place to learn and use their God-given gifts to grow in their relationship with Christ through servant leadership. Empowering them to fulfill their dreams and impact the world for Christ.

With seasoned and discipled young adults as mentors, young people were given opportunity to sing, play instruments, run sound, share testimonies, lead Bible studies and create a ministry of peers for peers. 

After 4 years of successful ministry in the McFarland location and no room to expand, the Lord answered prayers by providing a new facility in 2009.

A Brand New Building

A gift from the Watkins Christian Foundation

In 2007, through a miraculous encounter, the Watkins Christian Foundation found out about our ministry and offered to build us a building in Cumming, Georgia with help to fund it through a grant. We received a 10-year lease and in that time, more than 100,000 attended events. More than 1,000 received salvation in Christ. Healings and broken addictions were evident. Our specialty coffee shop did a great work in the community and provided valuable training and employment for our students. Many are now operating in their calling in ministry, business, education, government and music and as godly spouses and parents. This ministry continues today in Cumming, GA with our partnership at Greater Heights Church on Post Rd. 

Mission Trips

Jamaica & New York

It's an eye opener for young people who are raised in America to see how some people have to live in an impoverished country. Over our 20-year ministry history, we have had more than 150 young people serve in missions to help build churches, repair homes, operate VBS and run kids camps. And of course enjoy their day off at the beach.

Making Friends, Finding Jesus & Getting Married

A Great Place To Grow

What a great place to meet positive, uplifting and accountable friends. Through Retreats, Worship Services, Outreach, Mission Trips or Bible Studies, Warehouse Ministries encourages the use of spiritual gifts to love on everyone that attends an event. The ultimate goal is to introduce everyone to Christ, help them learn their purpose and equip them to serve. As a bonus, we have had over 30 couples meet and get married!

A Summer in The Mountains

Planting A New Ministry

In the Blue Ridge Mountains, our partnership with Heart 2 Heart Ministries, Seasons In The Mountains, is a ministry started in the Summer of 2021 to bring the gospel of Christ to young adults in the Blue Ridge area. Held at Poole Pavilion where there is 12 acres of beautiful land, running streams and mountains that take your breath away, this monthly event brings community along with a time of fun, refreshment and renewal. This summer outreach was so successful that we extended it to every season and made it permanent through today!